Summer Turf Time

This summer we will be holding work outs & pick up games on the turf on the following dates.

Time’s are 5:00-6:30

June 4th

June 25th

July 2nd

July 9th

July 16th

July 30th

Aug 6th

Aug 20th

Aug 27th


Off Season Work

I hope ever one is enjoying their summer. Unfortunately we weren’t able to secure any field time this summer. I hope you are working with your fall teams to stay in shape as well as keeping a stick in your hand even though we aren’t working together. This is the time of year that working hard allows you to win come March & April.

With no field work we I have been looking for ways for us to at least do some work.

Sunday’s 8 am Yoga at E-town fitness Christina (the yoga instructor who worked with us last winter) has negotiated a price for E-town G-lax players to only be $3 a session.

Monday 6:30-7:30 grass fields at east high, to just pass around and have some fun, nothing to intense just some passing and shooting on what ever grass we can find.

Wednesday evening’s at 6:30 meet at the rail trail on 230.

We will start with yoga the 17th.



Summer 2016 Try outs

I know it sounds crazy summer just ended but the try outs for next year are quickly approaching.

Club lacrosse particularly summer is a great opportunity for you to improve on your game, both local clubs hire very talented college coaches and players to work with the teams, the smaller teams, stiffer competition and just amount of playing time you will get elevates your game. Club lacrosse gives you a chance to meet new girls from local schools who you face on the field all spring season. Summer lacrosse is also the time colleges  do most of there scouting.


The first up is Xtreme with try outs Sunday September 13th.  they have been around since 2006 and are very well-respected  in the lacrosse community affording them invitations to some of the heaviest recruited tournaments around.  Their Summer 16 also puts you on a team for the fall 15 tournaments as well I believe.


In November Lanco Elite will be holding their try outs for summer 16.   Lanco is older by a little bit however has just come out of a rebuilding phase. They have a focus on improving the local player as well as making sure they are ready to play at the next level. Since they are run by a lot of the local coaches they are a great resource for navigating the recruitment process. There fall season is a separate sign up and is currently open if fall play interests you.


Both programs are highly regarded in the lacrosse community and run by very good coaches. You couldn’t go wrong playing for either club.





Resources Updated -Recruiting Info

The Resource page has been updated with some more information and links to things to help you if playing in college is something you are considering. If you are still having trouble or not sure where to start, reach out to us, or your club coaches to help guide you through this process.  If you plan to send out packets to coaches or just want to build yourself a keepsake of your highlights, Hudl has online training on how to build your highlight reels.

I would recommend reaching out to different college coaches and asking about recruiting process, not just with them but for their division as well.  The rules governing how much you can practice, and how much travel is involved will very by division and by conference. It’s a lot of work and a big decision,  so do your homework and use the people around you for help.

5 Benefits to playing sports in college 

Pro’s and Con’s to playing a sport in college


Good luck  and hope everyone is enjoying club ball.