Corrie Baker

Most of us have seen Corrie Baker on fire with some of her amazing saves so far this year, but I am not sure how aware you may be.  Corrie has only been a girls lacrosse goalie for the last two years and she has always shared each season with a fellow goalie.  With sharing of the net usually means sharing of the saves and glory, but Corrie is exceeding past her career goals.  Corrie made a record 150 saves during the week of April 2nd and then turned around and broke that record during our Charity night on April 13th.  With 7 games left in the season, who knows where she may end up!


*Coach Ron and Corrie after her 150 saves, just before she made 200 saves later that day.


Our parent support never ceases to amaze me, we had yet another cold and miserable day on Thursday April 19th to host a home lacrosse game and we had parents in the stands and huge sales at the concession stand!!  Thank you the Melissa McConnell, Melissa Doll, Bianca Hemsch, Jessica Zerphey, Joy Epler, and Elaine Shutt for manning the stand.  Thank you to Randy Kreider for the body warming chili, Elaine Shutt for the scrumptious cookies and rice krispy treats, and Jessica Zerphey for the mouth watering mac & cheese.  And as always Thank you to all my ever supporting parents, I would not be able to continue to do what I do without you.

AOD/K9s for Warriors Charity Night

Our AOD/K9s for Warriors Charity Night was a huge success!!  Thank you to everyone that helped to make this night possible from concessions, to decorating, to selling extra shirts there are just too many names to mention!!  And a huge Thank you to the girls/parents for selling their hearts out with our T-shirt fundraiser!!  Our Grand Total Donation for the evening is ……………$1770.60.

K9s for Warriors



Araella Bornmann

Etown Lax Community,

It is with a heavy heart and great sadness that I report to you that Araella Bornmann passed peacefully this weekend. Rae was a member of our lacrosse community from the very beginning of the program. One of our trail blazers. An absolute joy to coach. She has lived a lifetime since her diagnosis and grew so much in faith during that time. Her strength inspired me, as I hope it does you. Although I am saddened, Rae’s faith made her strong, and her parents are certain she is prepared for her greatest journey. They will need your prayers to help them.

Services celebrating Rae’s life will be released shortly. The family plans to wait until her college classmates at Waynesburg University finish their semester.

Stay strong. Hug your friends. #RaeStrong

Jeffrey P. Marsico