House Cleaning & Sub sale info

A couple of things:

Parents go to the website and sign up for the pasta dinner.
The sign up is here.
(This is all parents even seniors)
While there sign up to receive either the emails or text messages about posts. Every Sunday the daily schedule will be posted and not emailed.

Sub sale form is located here.

Money/Orders due 3/29/16
Order come in 4/7/16

Mr. Stump is your contact for this.


Girls Lax will host two restaurant fundraisers in February!

Etown Girls Lacrosse is excited to announce two restaurant community fundraisers scheduled for the month of February.  First we will team up with Hoss’s  Steak and Sea House in Elizabethtown on Wednesday, February 3rd and then on Wednesday, February 17th T.J Rockwell’s will host a community night for Glax!  This is an easy and fun way to raise funds to help our program.

So mark your calendars, take a break from cooking and come on out on February 3rd and 17th to  support the EAHS Girls Lacrosse team!

Print the coupons below and bring with you on the scheduled nights.  Please share with family and friends!

Hoss’s coupon for Glax 2016

TJ Rockwells coupon for GLax 2016

Big E Booster Sub Sales

Just a reminder that sub orders are due to be handed in Tues 12/8. I will be in the parking lot @ the bat cave from 6:00-6:45 to take any orders at the beginning of Open Gym.

Please remember to have one check made out to Big E Booster club.

Thank you to ever one who sold subs.

High School Goalies or HIgh school players Interested in Goalie

Friends of G-Lax is being very generous and offering to help off-set the expense of Nooks goalie clinic for any high school players interested in attending. Any players interested in this opportunity please email me at

I have also been introduced  to E-town colleges goalie. She is willing to help out by working with our goalies. She is a very talented goalie who played for the FCA National team. I am working on setting up some one hour training sessions with her for the goalies if your interested.



Nooks Clinic

  • Three-Week GOALIE Clinic (2 sessions)
    • Instructed by an NCAA College Goalie Coach
    • Girls in grades 5 and Up
    • Limit 10 players per session
    • SESSION 1
      • Sunday, September 13 – Sunday, September 27
      • 5:15 – 6:15 pm
      • $75 per player
    • ​​SESSION 2
      • Sunday, October 4 – Sunday, October 18
      • 5:15 – 6:15 pm
      • $75 per player


Update on fair parking volunteers

Thank you to our parents that have volunteered to help with the fair parking.  We still are in need of one more volunteer.  If you can donate two hours of your time to help out girls lax please email me.  The time slot and location is listed below.

Tuesday 8/25 at Bear Creek

3:30-5:30pm 1. Melissa Rivera

3:30-5:30pm 2. Pete Rivera

5:30-7:30pm 1. Ronda Stump

5:30-7:30pm 2. Jim Stump

7:30-9:30pm 1. Randy Thomas

7:30-9:30pm 2.________________

Parent volunteers needed for Etown Fair parking

We are in need of a few parents to help with the fair parking fundraiser.  This is an easy way for GLax to earn some funds for our upcoming 2015-16 season.  Many of our players and families are busy with a fall sport so we appreciate you helping out girls lax during this busy time!

Please email me or reply to post with the time you can volunteer.

Thank you!

Tuesday 8/25 – Bear Creek Parking

3:30 -5:30pm 1.                                                

3:30 -5:30pm 2.                                                


5:30 -7:30pm 1.Ronda Stump                     

5:30 -7:30pm 2.Jim Stump                           


7:30 -9:30pm 1.                                                

7:30 -9:30pm 2.