Middle School Camp Fundraiser

The week of  July 17th-21st the girls high school team will be hosting a lacrosse camp for the middle school girls.

The camp is Monday Friday from 6-8 pm. This is a great fundraiser for the team and a good opportunity for the high school players to give back to the youth program.



Open Turf tonight

Open turf tonight 5-6:30. Reminder open turf is open to all current and alumni players. (That’s rising freshman and up) 

Summer work outs starting Sunday

Sunday 5-6:30 will be our first of our off-season workouts/field time.

As a reminder about off-season workouts:

Out of season workout participation is always optional however, it is a great opportunity for coaches to get to know you in a more relaxed atmosphere than in season. While participation in off-season workouts wont have a direct impact on playtime they will have indirect impact on playtime.