End of Season Banquet

Have an Awesome Summer break!!

See everyone next LAX Season!

Team Banquet


Shutterfly Link

Some have inquired about where they can get copies of some of the pictures that were shared in the video from the banquet.  Pam Bucher was great at taking pictures of the Varsity games throughout the season and I have attached the link below to the shutterfly account.




I would like to once again say Thank You to everyone for your continued support throughout the season, if it was not for each and every one of you I would not have been able to what I did! I will greatly miss each and every one next season!  Go Bears!!



home-sammichesTomorrow is the R&K Fundraiser pick up day.  If you sold subs and/or sandwiches please come to the high school cafeteria at 4:30pm to get your order.

Kimmy Bucher

Kimmy and Coach B

No small feats are happening this year for another fellow lacrosse player!!  On Friday April 27, Kimmy reached a career high of 100 goals.  So far for the 2018 season she has scored 49.  WAY TO GO KIMMY!!

End of Season Banquet

All the players were given an invitation to the End of Season Banquet last week after one of the practices.  Please ask your daughter if she has not given it to you already.  The link below is a copy of the invitation if you need one.

The banquet is being held at the Gathering Place on Wednesday May 16th.  The due date to hand in your RSVP is quickly approaching, May 4th.  Please give all RSVPs to Traci, Corrie, Kiara, or Shelby and checks should be made payable to Friends of GLAX.

Any questions can be directed to Traci Baker, dntbaker155@gmail.com or Shelby Esoldo, sesoldo@yahoo.com.

Girls lax Invite – Final (1)