First Friends of GLAX Meeting

You are cordially invited to:

Our 1st Friends of GLAX Meeting

On Monday Nov. 19th

At Babbo’s Pizza

From 7pm-9pm

Hope to see ALL your SMILING faces there!!

pink lax pic


Jacket Campaign


The Coaches and Players have been busy preparing fortheir up and coming season with summer club play, open field nights, weight room trainings, and goalie specific training.  During these times they have expressed a desire to have nice warm weather resistant jackets, which after the season they had last year we would like to make this a reality.  In order to help them with this idea we are launching a campaign where family and friends will be able to support the GLAX Program.  Below is a sample of a jacket we have in mind.  Each jacket will run between $100-$110, which would be a total purchase of roughly $4000-$4500, so the campaign would be used to fund this purchase.

Lax Jacket 2019

This is a very easy campaign and the only support that we need from parents at this time is for you to sit down with your player and discuss which family and friends would love to support your player and the GLAX program.  We are asking each girl come up with 20 emails.  Please use this attached link for the form, participant_instructions Elizabethtown Area HS Girls Lacrosse and just fill out the top sections where you need to add names, emails, cell #s, and relationship to player.  DO NOT WORRY ABOUT THE NEXT STEP, Coach B will be handling that.  We are then asking that each player submit their form to Coach B no later than Tuesday Nov. 6th during weight room training or by emailing her at  If you are unable to get the form to Coach B they may give it to one of the following lax players, Jaide Epler, Cyrose Conteh, Sami Shutt, Jillian Molloy, or Kadey Kreider.

Any questions about this campaign, please contact Coach B at

Thank you all for your support and We are looking forward to a fantastic season!!


Fair Parking

Wow, can you believe the first fundraiser for our 2019 Girls Lacrosse Season is over!!

Our team raised just over $400!! WAY TO GO LADIES AND PARENTS!!

Thank you to the following parents and players that helped make this fundraiser a success for our team:  Joy Epler, Shelby Esoldo, Coach Benson, Traci Baker, Jessica Zerphey, Biannca Hemsch, Beth Molloy, Kiaralie Santiago, Alisia Alvarez, Kara Young(x2), Sophia Pirozzi, Corrie Baker, Mallory Zerphey, Morgan Miller, Angelina Hemsch, Alissa Adams, and Jillian Molloy.


Summer Goalie Clinic

During the week of July 30th thru Aug. 3rd, Coach Ron held a summer goalie clinic which flew like the birds!  Coach Ron had 7 players in attendance for the week, which included 5 from Etown, Joseph (EBLAX), Corrie and Jordan (EGLAX), Amie (MS EGLAX), Chas (EBLAX 5th&6th).  They had a fun filled week of instruction and drills ranging from beginners to advance, everyone walked away with some new knowledge and skill that we should all be on the look out for in the spring season!

A special THANK YOU  to Coach Ron for going above and beyond to schedule these goalie clinics and striving to continuely grow the Etown Lacrosse Program.

We would also like to thank all of Coach Ron’s helpers, Charlie Alessi (Etown Boys Alumni), Sawyer Smith (EBLAX), Mat Ealy (EGLAX parent), and Eric Peifer (Hempfield GLAX).  And if there was anyone else that I may have missed, Thank you, Thank you!

Be on the look out for more goalie clinics to follow!!


Desperate Help Still Needed

We are down to the wire now with signing up for fair parking.  We are in desperate need of help on Tuesday Aug. 21st at Bear Creek!!  We would like to have 2 parent volunteers and 2 player volunteers for each time slot if possible.  We have two time slots 3:10pm-4:45pm and 4:40pm-6:15pm.  I understand that this is in the middle of the day, some may have sporting events, and some may work but we are only asking for about an hour and half of your time.  Please check out the following link to sign up,

We need 2 parent and 2 player volunteers for 3:10pm-4:45pm and 1 parent and 2 player volunteers for 4:40pm-6:15pm.

Thank you for your continued support.

Any questions can be directed to Shelby Esoldo at


Help Needed ASAP

One week left until the Etown Fair!!  Our first fundraising opportunity is approaching quickly, Fair parking!!  This fundraising opportunity is one of two that we assist the Big E Booster Club with.  We have two different days with two different time slots to choose from again this year and all slots need filled for this extremely easy fundraising opportunity.  So far we only have one player/parent combo signed up, Please check out the following link to sign up!

We are just asking that one parent accompany one player to help with safety and money.  Thank you for your continued support.

Any questions can be directed to Shelby Esoldo at