Thank you

Parents & Players,

I was hoping to wait till we could do this in person at school but I guess some rumors from some less than respectable sources have started.

I have taken a new job, this new schedule will not allow me to dedicate the time needed to continue coaching with the added travel so I have resigned as head coach with the hopes  we can get a new coach in who knows the game before the season starts.  Contrary to the rumor mill coach Ron is still with the program and will be helping goalies during the off-season. This was a very hard decision & I wish you all the best. I will still be around and will do everything I can to support who ever comes in as the new coach.

Coach Mark, Coach Ron, & I plan to still run indoor as a club team and will have more information about this opportunity as it gets closer. I can tell you it will be 8 v 8 at Lanco rather than the 12 v 12 at Nook. (Better parking & better organized)

Go Bears!

Coach Mat


2 thoughts on “Thank you

  1. Hey Mat,

    Really sorry to hear this and so was Hannah. Good luck with new job. I’m off to new endeavors myself.

    Take care, Melissa

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  2. Thanks Coach, for your time it was a privilege and honor to work with ,look forward to indoor and stuff..lax always😎

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